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Sir Ed Davey (left) with Clive Jones.

A prominent politician has told Reading FC fans to “watch this space” when asked about potential changes to the fit and proper test for owners.

He was in Reading on a visit to Royal Berkshire Hospital last week.

Asked whether a government led by him would do anything to tighten the current rules, he said: “I feel real sorry for everyone who’s a huge supporter of Reading.

“It’s not a great time.

“We are looking forward to the King’s speech shortly, and we’re told the government’s will, at long last, bring forward new legislation to try and deal with some of the problems we’ve seen in football.

“We will look at those proposals hard, but we want to make sure that the interests of fans are put right at the top of the list in the reforms.

“Watch his space, and I’m sure Clive will be advising me about whether the reforms help in the current situation.

SIr Ed Davey visited Royal Berkshire Hospital alongside the party’s Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham, Clive Jones,

He outlined the Liberal Democrats’ pledge to give cancer patients the legal right to start their treatment within the government’s 62-day target.

It comes as it has been revealed that more than one in five (22.34%) cancer patients at Royal Berkshire NHS Trust are waiting longer than the government’s target of 62-days to begin their treatment.

One in ten (9.22%) are waiting longer than three months, and one in twenty (5.53%) are waiting for twice as long as the 62-day target. Some 27 patients have waited four months or longer.

The figures, obtained through a Freedom of Information request, also showed that last year a patient waited 310 days to start their treatment, five times longer than the government’s own target.

At the Liberal Democrat Conference last month, the centrepiece of Sie Ed’s keynote speech was the party’s plan to tackle cancer treatment delays in the NHS.

The party put forward a call for a new legal right for cancer patients to start treatment within two months of an urgent referral as part of a five-year plan to boost survival rates.

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