7 Traveling Chocolate Instagrammers to Fuel Your Wanderlust

7 Traveling Chocolate Instagrammers to Fuel Your Wanderlust

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Today, we return to our roots. This article is pure chocolatey goodness, inspired and fueled by the world we all live in.

Over the last several years, my searches for quality chocolate in countries where I don’t speak the language has been studded with obstacles (to say the least). But I’ve discovered that a picture is worth a thousand or more words. Time & time again, Instagram— and Google translate— has been instrumental in my search for places to find chocolate in Asia and all over. Much of this discovery has been made possible thanks to some specific chocolate Instagrammers who keep abreast not only of their local chocolate scenes, but also those in every place they visit. For these chocolate travelers, local attractions include craft chocolate makers, fine food, and anything a cacao pod can grow on.

These beautiful chocolate travel accounts will inspire you not only to grab a bar of chocolate, add a maker to your list, or buy their chocolate, but to explore the places which made that chocolate. Each of these people posts beautiful photos and covers all aspects of a noun: people, places, and things. As they discover the world around them they don’t just taste the terroir of a cacao, but explore its surroundings (chocolate in hand). So without further ado, let’s explore further and discover ten chocolate writers, educators, and foodies sharing great craft chocolate pictures from around the world.

Fancy getting your daily dose of culture through chocolate?


Max Gandy, Chocolate Travel Writer

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Yupp, that’s me! What kind of chocolate travel writer would I be if I didn’t make it on my own roundup of chocolate travelers? For the past several years I’ve been sharing my chocolatey exploits on this site and on the ‘gram, starting in Latin America and continuing throughout Asia, with an emphasis on my home in South Korea.

From uncovering cacao plantations on Taiwan and Cuba to traveling the length of Japan for the best bonbons, I happily serve as your gateway to the world’s fine chocolate scene. Consider yourself warned that I’ve got a thing for beautiful islands and even more beautiful bonbons. Shameless self-promotion over.


Hazel Lee, Chocolate Judge & Consultant

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A Brit with a taste for color, Hazel is based in England but finds a home in many parts of the world, from the cacao farms of southern India and Grenada to the coffee shops of Seattle and Dubai. She shares colorful photos to her bright corner of Instagram, highlighting both her chocolate travels and her trips closer to home in pursuit of bettering the world’s chocolate supply.

Perhaps best known for her Taste With Colour flavor map, now being translated into several other languages, Hazel wears many hats in chocolate & cacao, and has no plans to stop anytime soon. Her resume includes jaunts to the aforementioned countries, but also titles such as chocolate blogger, consultant, judge, and maker (when the mood strikes!). You can buy her Taste With Colour Map on her blog, linked in her Instagram profile.


Victoria Cooksey, Chocolate Writer & Reviewer

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Despite a focus on one specific region, Victoria’s Instagram feed is dedicated almost exclusively to pictures of craft chocolate bars in beautiful settings. Victoria’s account is more of a way to travel through chocolate rather than for it, but either way I can guarantee that she’ll inspire some wanderlust!

Known as both a chocolate reviewer and writer, Victoria has been active on both her own website, as well as on Youtube, for a few years now. Her locale of choice is the Pacific Northwest of the US, whose chocolate scene has been exploding over the past half decade, so keep a particularly strong eye out for the local bars. You can follow her exploits on her Youtube channel, linked in her Instagram profile.




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Follow @miss_chocoholic_nz (LINK)

Based in her home country of New Zealand, but with a thirst for travel, Sarah can be found tasting her way through chocolate menus in all corners of NZ. Best known for keeping up up-to-date on all of the bean to bar chocolate makers in New Zealand, as well as every hot chocolate that comes her way, she also keeps track of what bars can be found in the country at all.

Her recent travels include both Bali and Vietnam, and much of her focus is on the Asian Pacific scene, though there’s more chocolate than scenery in most of her pictures. When you’re headed to NZ, be sure to check out her account for recommendations of the best chocolate anything, and keep an eye out for her pictures from her most recent chocolate adventures. Read more about Sarah in my recent article on Millennials in Chocolate.



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About the account in 100-150 words…


Jennifer Earle, Chocolate Entrepreneur

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One of the fine chocolate world’s original chocolate travellers, Jennifer Earle is perhaps best known for her London-based Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, which she’s been running since 2005. Since then she’s expanded into her other businesses of Taste Tripper and food-related consulting.

Though she’s based in London and is constantly exploring the city’s food scene, Jen also loves travelling throughout Europe as the food seasons change. She shares much of these adventures on Instagram, but be warned that she’s not only about chocolate! You’ll quickly find yourself with cravings for all kinds of desserts; chocolate just happens to be at the top of the list.


If you don’t speak the language of your fellow chocoholics, no fear! Instagram has a translate function that works most of the time, and for the rest of the time, you always have the mutual language of chocolate. Is it just me, or is it a bit strange that all of these chocolate travelers are women?

Leave a comment below if you know of any males h\who deserve to be added to this list!

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