Digitalizing the Training Institution System with Startup Traino

Digitalizing the Training Institution System with Startup Traino

Mankind is always striving to improve themselves. Self-development is essential for a company in order to generate a rapid adaptation process in terms of technical improvements, the capacity to compete with rivals, and of course, to improve the company’s favorable image. Individuals, particularly employees, and students, can take the advantages from self-development to increase productivity, awareness of duty, skills, and reduce the possibility of workplace blunders.

Currently, many efforts to develop are carried out through the implementation of training. Many training institutions arose as a result of a large number of training needs. Training implementation by institutions will be difficult if it is still done traditionally in today’s digital environment. The training institution must now use Training Management Software (TMS) to handle its commercial activities digitally. Unfortunately, TMS is not easily implemented in all training institutions. Seeing this issue, Telkom University staff, instructors, and students united in October 2020 to build Startup Traino, a startup training platform guided by Bandung Techno Park (BTP).

Traino is a company led by Yusza Reditya Murti that aims to deliver management training solutions for training managers or training institutions. Traino’s presence attempts to simplify and streamline complex business procedures for training institutions into a single perspective and mobile device. TMS may assist training institutions handle administrative duties more efficiently, as well as online contacts with consumers and instructors, and all activities function more successfully at the same time.

Traino aims to provide a digital administration system capable of handling certificates, events, services, payments, and user management. Traino TMS has capabilities such as course management, marketing, catalog, and website portal, as well as e-learning, online registration, customer portal, trainer portal, dashboard and reports, order management, event management, certificate management, payment & finance, and user management. Traino’s unique selling feature is the effectiveness of its training management system.

The existence of this innovation has made Traino currently develop several TMS projects from various training institutions.

“Currently, Traino is developing Telkom Prima Cipta Certifia (TPCC) Early Adopter project, Telkom University Language Center, ProudIT, and is initiating collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Training Institutions (HILSI),” Traino CEO, Yusza Reditya Murti stated.

Traino anticipates that with the ongoing projects obtained, it can continue developing and expanding into the greatest and most successful TMS platform startup in Indonesia.

Writer: Aqila Zahra Qonita| Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Narasumber

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