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Shaolin Tigers Martial Arts Club

All four members of the Shaolin Tigers Martial Arts club passed their final grading assessment with flying colours.

Jason Connolly and Jason Gordon were both awarded their black belts atter undergoing specific training towards this achievement for a year.

The pair has undergone tests in pad work, bag work, syllabus techniques, fitness tests and sparring.

Jason Gordon, 36, also had to take part in various Muay Thai competitions at events.

Meanwhile, Jason Connolly, 56, who competed for the club in his 20s and won three British titles at three different weight categories, undertook round of high intensity training pad work with different examiners.

Also being graded were Emma Lennon and Ashley Price who finished off their assessment to attain their purple belts.

All four members are involved with the club to help train participants at Shaolin Tigers Martial Arts Club who are preparing for various events as well as an interclub event at the Wokingham gym on Sunday, November 12.

The club is open to welcoming new members who want to try Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ or MMA.

For more information, contact [email protected] or 07740287416, 07525946802

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