I-Roasterbik Integrates Coffee Maker with Smartphone

I-Roasterbik Integrates Coffee Maker with Smartphone

Coffee consumption is increasing all over the world. The variety of coffee beverages offered makes it great for resting or socializing with friends. Coffee is the preferred beverage for providing energy and improving concentration.

In addition, coffee culture is expanding, particularly among young people. Many coffee shops have opened in unique and intriguing concepts. Furthermore, coffee connoisseurs are becoming more interested in discovering different types of coffee from different regions and different ways of serving them, such as tubruk coffee, milk coffee, cappuccino, latte, and others. Various coffee variants have a distinct flavor, and the roasting process or roasting coffee beans also plays an important role in coffee bean processing.

Seeing a huge interest in coffee, PT Mechanic Sinergi Bersama created the I-Roasterbik coffee bean roasting machine. I-Roasterbik is an abbreviation for Integration Roaster Coffee Beans. An innovative digital coffee bean roasting equipment featuring a hot airflow system that can be linked to a smartphone via the device application.

There are two features in the application integrated with I-Roasterbik, namely the Doneness Color Level feature, to check the maturity level of coffee beans based on the color produced, and the Library feature, which comprises a vocabulary of coffee knowledge.

In keeping up with Telkom University’s goal of being a research and entrepreneurial university. Bandung Techno Park (BTP) offers opportunities for all internal and external institutions to continue conducting research. I-Roasterbik is one of the startups partnering in Bandung Techno Park Telkom University in 2021, and it successfully participated in the SII BRIN Program’s Start-up Operational Assistance program from BRIN Research and Technology. I-Roasterbik aims to extend the market with a lot of support and a platform for growth.

The objective is that I-Roasterbik can become a product that continues growing and competing globally,” stated Mohammad Hasbi Al Ghazali, Founder, and CEO of I-Roasterbik.

I-Roasterbik does not stop there; it continues doing research in order to develop its products. Currently, I-Roasterbik aims to develop a visual sensor for determining the ripeness of coffee.

“In the future, we will provide a visual sensor to ensure that when the profile has reached the desired level, the machine will stop automatically and then take it out on its own,” Hasbi explained.

Writer: Selfina Anesti | Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Narasumber

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