Telkom University Join The Exhibition in Bali Nata Bhuwana

Telkom University Join The Exhibition in Bali Nata Bhuwana

BANDUNG, Telkom University – School of Creative Industries (FIK) Telkom University exhibited dozens of artworks at the Bali Nata Bhuwana Exhibition organized by Petra Christian University Surabaya and Ciputra University Surabaya on October 9-16, 2022, at Teh Villa Gallery Surabaya.

The exhibition, entitled “Pemuliaan Air Multirupa dan Kreativitas” was attended by four universities, namely Telkom University, the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar, Petra Christian University Surabaya, and Ciputra University Surabaya. The exhibition displays more than 200 of the best works in two and three dimensions. Various art and designs, product, film, textile, and fashion works enlivened this exhibition.

In this exhibition, Telkom University presented more than 50 works of art originating from all Study Programs at FIK, namely the Visual Communication Design Study Program, Interior Design Study Program, Product Design Study Program, Craft Study Program, and Fine Arts Study Program.

FIK Lecturer Mahendra Nur Hadiansyah said each study program sent 12 physical works curated by selected curators from each study program in the form of products, prototypes, clothing, and posters.

“Through the works of FIK Tel-U lecturers, we want to introduce the characteristics and culture of academic institutions, art, and design institutions at the national level. Later this new character will become a material for discussion in the form of seminars and workshops involving Tel-U lecturers in other exhibition-supporting activities.” Obviously.

At this exhibition, Mahendra presented his work entitled “Limaz, The Mozaic Art of Woods,” a stool & coffee table design inspired by the pyramid shape and exploring the concept of gravity.

“The main material in this product is chunks of waste wood from furniture manufacturers, frames and doors arranged and put together using the paste mosaic technique.”

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