The highlight of Telkom University’s 9th Anniversary Celebration>

The highlight of Telkom University's 9th Anniversary Celebration>

BANDUNG, Telkom University – To celebrate the 32nd and 9th anniversary of the Telkom University campus, Tel-U (Telkom University) is holding a Digital Talent & Innovation: Creating the Future in the form of a Talk Show, Certified Independent Study Internship Fair (MSIB Fair) and Telkom University Anniversary Night which took place on November 29, 2022, at the Telkom University Convention Hall, was attended by more than 50 participants from industry, government and university partners.

Entitled “Digital Talent and Innovation: Creating the Future” is outlined in the variety and series of activities to celebrate the 32nd Telkom University Anniversary. This activity would not have been possible without the collaboration and support of strategic partners and Telkom University stakeholders.

Chairman of the Anniversary Committee and Director of the Secretariat and Strategic Planning of Telkom University, Dr. Anisah Firli said that this activity is an important agenda that cannot be separated from the shared enthusiasm to build the best generation of Indonesia.

“We hope that the collaboration that exists with partners and stakeholders can see the achievements, achievements and future plans to realize the spirit of “Creating the Future” and of course build synergistic and strategic steps with Telkom University.”

A series of activities at the peak of the Telkom University Anniversary celebration included an inspiring talk Digital Talent and Innovation, where this talk show was designed to create a balanced ecosystem to maximize the role of government, community/society, higher education institutions, the business world, and the media to become facilitators and accelerators digital economy support.

The informants included Muhammad Rizal Kamal – Assistant Deputy for Technology and Information at the Ministry of BUMN, Indra Utoyo – Main Director of PT Allo Bank Indonesia, Tbk, Dany A Ichdan – Director of Institutional Relations Mind Id, M. Atiqurrakhman – Vice President of People Management Strategy Telkomsel, and Rayi Pradono Iswara – ICT Talent Eco-System Development Manager PT. Huawei Tech Investments. This talk show will be moderated by Bayu Andriyanto – Tv One News Presenter.

The MSIB fair is part of the Merdeka Learning Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) learning activities. This program creates an educational climate that is adaptive in responding to the challenges of the times, through collaborative activities designed between universities and the business and industrial world.

This program provides the Best Learning Experience for young Indonesian talents to improve their competence and capacity in facing the digital era.

The MSIB sharing session presented speakers including Tutus Kusuma – Head of the MSIB Program at the Merdeka Campus, Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology, Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti – Chancellor of Padjadjaran University, Dr. Dadan Rahadian – Telkom University Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Janu Dewandaru – Head of Innovation Team at Bank Indonesia Institute. Moderated by Muhammad Azhari – Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business at Telkom University

In addition to these 2 series of activities, the peak celebration of Telkom University’s anniversary is also filled with Market Day 2022, this is a program of entrepreneurship courses at Telkom University in the Odd semester of 2022/2023. This activity aims to equip students with independence and an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as realize Telkom University’s vision as an Entrepreneurial University.

Market Day 2022, attended by more than 200 groups, where this event provides a variety of foods and modern products.

Closing the privileges of the Telkom University Anniversary series of activities, this event was closed with a live performance from Yura Yunita, this aims to spread positive values and the spirit of inclusivity through innovative works.

Author: Adrian | Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Public Relations

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