19 Best Halloween Cookies Recipes (Easy to Hard)

halloween themed cookies

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Get ready to stir up some spooky fun in the kitchen! With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to embrace the spirit of this spooky holiday than by baking a batch of bewitching Halloween cookies? 

Whether you plan on sharing them as gifts for friends and family or making them with your kids, whatever you have in mind, these devilishly delicious creations are sure to add an extra thick layer of excitement to your Halloween festivities. 

So, grab your apron and dive into the world of Halloween-inspired cookie recipes with me- because the sweetest scares can be found in the smallest bites!

Easy Halloween Cookie Recipes

Mummy Milano Cookies


You can transform some simple store-bought (Pepperidge Farm) Milano cookies into delicious Halloween treats in under 10 minutes. This is one of the most kid-friendly Halloween cookie recipes you can make, easy enough that even the little ones can help out.

The recipe linked below sets out a fun and easy way to mummify Milano cookies using white chocolate drizzle, giving them a spooky and delicious twist; add a few drops of food coloring for even more of a colorful snack to bring to a party.

Use Chelsea’s recipe for a hauntingly easy flavor

Pumpkin Spiced Cut-Out Sugar Cookies


Release your artistic side by drawing on cut-out sugar cookies with a beautiful pumpkin design. Using pumpkin icing, you can add a whimsical and delicious touch to your Halloween dessert table as, contrary to most sugar cookies, these are soft on the inside with sturdy edges that hold their shape in the oven. 

I absolutely adore minimalist Halloween cookies like these, and that glossy pumpkin spice royal icing is just beautiful with those speckled brown bits. They’d be perfect for those looking for that particular aesthetic. 

Fresh April Flours spooky recipe has you covered 

Eyeball Cookies


A scary, gooey, white chocolate-centered, bloodshot zombie eye makes for the perfect Halloween party sweet treat. It’s not always practical to start from scratch, which is why I love how this recipe uses store-bought vanilla wafers, whatever type fits your diet.

You can even use chocolate wafers instead of vanilla to make these cute and eerie cookies. Plus, there’s a nifty little video tutorial to make you an expert in drawing bloodshot lines using a toothpick, even if you’re relatively new to baking.  

A Taste from Home recipe will satisfy your spooky eyeball cravings

Gooey Monster Cookies


If cookie decorating is slightly intimidating for you, this recipe keeps things pretty straightforward. These colorful and adorable gooey monster cookies require no piping or melting any chocolate. 

You can make these simple cookies in various colors and top them with different-sized ready-made eyeballs for the perfect sweet ending. Don’t use plastic ones for these, as you want everything to be edible for the little ones.

Grab the recipe from Lil Luna

Maple Brownie Halloween Spiderweb Cookies


These adorable snacks are wheat maple brownie cookies with a spiderweb icing design that makes for a truly spooky sweet treat. I like the idea of decorating an actual cookie base to make it fit the theme. Simple and effective! 

This spooky recipe from Fannetastic Food is just perfect

Frosted Mummy Cookies


Looking for a fun and easy Halloween activity to do with your kids? These easy mummy cookies are the perfect solution. Made with a simple sugar cookie dough, these cookies are topped with a white chocolate glaze to create the appearance of mummy bandages.

Candy eyes are then added to complete the spooky look; use a store-bought cookie dough and some cookie cutters for an even easier activity.

This easy recipe from Mindee is just perfect

Witches Broom Pretzel Treats


These witch’s broom pretzel treats are hands down the easiest Halloween treats in this lineup. Pretzel sticks are “glued” on top of peanut butter cups using melted chocolate, creating a delicious snack that can be paired with witch-hat cookies for a beautiful Witchey platter.  

Have a peep at Party Bloc’s recipe for this

Witch’s Finger Cookies


Looking for a spooktacular treat to serve at your Halloween party? Look no further than these Witches’ Fingers! These eerie cookies are shaped like fingers and are brushed with green food coloring to give them a ghoulish appearance. Almonds are used to create fingernails, adding to the creepy factor.

This straightforward recipe from Somewhat Simple is just great

Witches Hat Cookies


I don’t know about you, but I’m always down for more chocolate treats for my Halloween cookie spread. These are made with store-bought ingredients, while the chocolates can be melted easily in the microwave. It’s a simple assembly for a deliciously beautiful Halloween treat.

Kitchen Divas has you covered with their recipe

Brownie Coffin


Why not create a spooky scene of coffins with brownies and white frosting (for contrast) for a wickedly fun dessert. The familiar chewy interior with the crusty exterior of your favorite brownies, decked with RIPs and crosses, makes for a dark and decadent but simple Halloween dessert.

Mummy Pages has a dead-raising recipe just for you

Halloween Monster Cookies


Get ready for a spooky and sweet Halloween with these adorable Halloween monster cookies. These tasty treats are made with a classic cookie base and decorated with a variety of candies to create fun and colorful monster faces. With candy eyes, candy corn, and gummy worms, these cookies would delight both kids and adults alike.

This 31 Daily recipe is just what you need

Milk Chocolates Stuffed Jack-o’-Lantern Cookies


Your classic chocolate chip cookies can get an amazing facelift with these milk chocolate stuffed Jack-o’-Lantern cookies. Velvety milk chocolate is filled in between spiced brown sugar cookies, and as a final step, a light dusting of cinnamon sugar adds an exquisite fancy touch.

Best of all, theyse sandwich cookies are shaped like classic jack-o’-lanterns, making them a classic wicked treat for Halloween.

This Half Baked Harvest recipe is just what you’ll need

Halloween Dirt Cups


Satisfy your sweet tooth with this spooktacular dessert, channeling a graveyard with creepy worms and a tombstone cookie. It’s an easy, make-ahead dessert you’ll want to keep diggin’ in (pun intended). You’ll need no-bake pudding, crushed Oreos, and Milano cookies with your chosen gummies.

This Salt and Baker recipe is just what you need

Halloween Ghost Cookies


While no one’s ever really been spooked by these ghoulish cookies, kids go nuts for them at parties. Form phantom-shaped cookies using an inverted tulip cookie cutter, pipe icing on top, and add 2 chocolate chips for the eyes, and bada bing bada boom, you’ve got your treats for the party. 

A spooky recipe from The Baker’s Almanac

Medium Halloween Cookie Recipes

Witch Hat Peanut Butter Cookies


Chocolate and peanut butter are undeniably a match made in cookie heaven. You can’t go wrong with this nutty, sweet, salty, and indulgent duo. So why not incorporate it into a classic Halloween design? This recipe might look difficult, but it only needs a few extra steps from the original recipe to make it into a truly bewitching, sweet indulgence.

Take a peep at Sue Bee Homemaker’s magical recipe

Spider Web Whoopie Pies


Try creating whoopie pies with a spiderweb design using royal icing for an easy, hallow-themed treat. These spider web whoopie pies surely have a spooky surprise with every bite. They’re American buttercream-filled treats with carefully piped spider web icing, and don’t worry, as you don’t need to be an icing master to create this web-like design.

Imperial Sugar’s spidery recipe is what you’ll want to use

Hard Halloween Cookie Recipes

Halloween Macarons


Spice up your Halloween celebration with these delicious and spooky Halloween macarons! These macarons are a seasonal twist on the classic, made with almond flour and egg whites, then tinted with black and orange food coloring to add a festive touch to your dessert table.

The filling is a rich and creamy buttercream, and the macarons are decorated with creepy designs like spiderwebs and ghosts using black royal icing.

This Redhead Baker recipe is just what you need

Candy Corn Cookies


These have been some of the most beloved Halloween candies since their inception in the 19th century. But believe it or not, candy corn isn’t actually made from actual corn (well, some corn syrup), but comes from a molded sugary liquid that’s a cross between a creamy fondant and marshmallow flavoring with vanilla. 

There may be some kneading, flattening, coloring, and rolling involved in this recipe, but to capture the iconic sugary treat in all its sweet glory, it’ll be worth it. 

A classic Food Network recipe for a spooky event

Haunted House Gingerbread House 


If you think gingerbread houses are only for Christmas, think again. You can create a spooky gingerbread house with white and yellow icing and assorted candies for a super awesome, show-stopping display on your Halloween spread. Though this is a more challenging little build, it’ll be a surefire way to turn heads at any party.

The Kitchn’s recipe has just what you need to start you off 

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